seventh grade reflections

When I first arrived in August, I expected I would do all of my homework on time and not just leave it and do it at or after the last minute. I mean there can’t possibly be that much more homework than last year, right. that’s what I expected, not what happened. I couldn’t believe it. there is five times more homework than last year. I can’t finish this on time if I tried.

By October I had no free time at all. I was swimming in homework and I could barely finish half of my homework. But eventually I figured out that there was a way to end all of the chaos, and that was to wait for June. June was my only escape route, my only savior, my only hope. I am almost there. Just a few more weeks.

In seventh grade I learned that no matter how hard you try homework will be my doom.

Origami pig


I haven’t done one one of these little origami rant thing for a while now I had nothing else to write about so here is an origami pig. Sorry I didn’t pick any of the three that I said I would make in the last post about origami but I was running low on time and I just didn’t have time for any of those and I just made a simple little pig to share with you. If you want to find instructions you can find them if you go to Japan because it’s in a Japanese book but if you can’t go to Japan it’s probably on the internet somewhere. If it’s not on the internet, don’t sue me, I have no idea if it’s there or not.

Oh yeah I should probably talk about the design shouldn’t I. any way I personally like this design because of the features that makes it look like a pig, that I think some designs lack, such as the ear that looks like real pig ears and the snout that looks less like a bulldog and more like a pig. I also like the somewhat cartoony look to it, with the pointed legs and the tail that just points up. That’s all I have to say about that.

I can’t believe I didn’t start ranting on about something except for the beginning I think that’s a new record for one of these origami posts. Any way, suggest what you want to see next. I don’t care what you suggest as long as it’s a noun that isn’t ridiculous. Good bye.

Attack on Titan Poem

Humans have survived one hundred years
Behind the walls there were no tears
But then one day
It went the monsters’ way
A giant had appeared
And the humans’ doom neared
The giant kicked the wall
And the wall began to fall
The Titans came in( who are man eating beasts)
It was chaos for humans but to the titans it was a feast

This was my poem for Attack on Titan which is an awesome anime that you should check out (unless you are scared easily or can’t handle seeing bloody death). Any way it’s one of my favorite anime shows and it’s about humans fighting titans (who are giant disproportional ugly people who eat normal humans). Good bye.

My childhood toy

A long time ago in a country far away I spent thirty glorious minutes making my favorite toy, a Gundam. Now you probably don’t know what a Gundam is. Well, a gundam is a Japanese toy where you craft a plastic model of a robot.

I’m sorry, that didn’t tell you a whole much did it. Well you probably won’t get some of the things I was going to say so I’ll try to tell you so you understand. It’s all from based on a tv show where there are giant robots that people… I guess drive, kind of like in the movie “Pacific Rim” if you’ve seen that. Well, anyway those giant robots are called Gundams and are used to fight a war against people who have Zakus which are pretty much the same thing as Gundams except they don’t look alike at all. Well, anyway there are many different types of Gundams and my personal favorite and my first Gundam was the rx-78-2 Gundam which is one of the most basic Gundams and is the most well known in Japan. Anyway, here’s a short description of my Gundam; the rx-78-2 Gundam had a ray gun, two laser swords, a bazooka, a shield, and a small fighter jet. All Gundams are built the same way you would build a model car or a model airplane except it has the shape of a robot and you don’t need any glue. That’s pretty much all I have to say about Gundams. Goodbye.


My top five favorite apps

The world of apps. It’s amazing how many apps there are and what they can do. So without further a do here are my top five favorite and/ or useful apps.

5. Tonal energy tuner- this is really good for anyone who plays music because it can be a tuner, a metronome, generate tone, give you analysis, and record sound. Very useful but there’s the drawback of costing money.

4. My script calculator. A very useful calculator because you can just write any number or symbol or problem and it solves it no matter how bad your hand writing is.

3. Quiz- up. A very good trivia game where you can pick a topic and answer the questions it asks you against a different opponent and the person in the end with more right wins. Simple.

2. Minesweeper. A game where you use math and logic to find all the mines on the board and if you hit a mine you lose. They also have different colors you can mine in and different difficulty and a hexagon grid instead of square.

1. 2048. A very good game where it’s like a math puzzle and you swipe numbers into the same number to double them and keep doing that until you get stuck.

Sorry I didn’t describe them extremely well but I’m not a game describer so don’t hate. And leave comments about your favorite apps and good bye.

Favorite place in Austin

Dinosaur bones, DNA statues, and evolution models; this is the Texas memorial museum. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to write about until I saw the shelf of animal skulls at school which reminded me of the museum. It has been a long time since I’ve been there but it still remained my favorite,partially because I haven’t really been to that many places in a while.

My favorite parts of the museum are the ice age animal skeletons and the Jurassic animal skeletons. I’ve always been fascinated by animals and I like extinct animals a lot because these are the only animals that I haven’t really seen before, and people have drawn pictures based on the skeletons but who knows how accurate they really are. But the skeletons are one of the closest things we have to actual extinct creatures. And the skeletons are interesting how there so similar but so different to modern human and animal skeletons. I also like the genetics and evolution statues and how humans were mutated from monkeys and chimpanzees.

This was my talk about the Texas memorial museum and how it is my favorite place in Austin. The end

The Phantom’s Lair poem

Deep Below an opera house
A cavern of rats, bats, and the occasional mouse
Psychotic laughter filled the lair
A Lair of death and despair
A noose on the ground stained with blood
The floor and walls all made of mud
One organ black as night
And a mask on top completely white
A lake ran by filthy and green
And a black musical throne worthy for a king or queen

Origami crocodilian


Welcome to the second edition of origami creation talk thing. I still don’t have a name for it. But anyway this is my origami crocodile or alligator, I think it’s a crocodile but it said it was an alligator so I don’t know I’ll just call it a crocodilian. If you would like instructions you should buy the book origami zoo by Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss. But I’ll warn you, it’s a little difficult.

Now to talk a little about the design of the whole thing. I personally think the design is pretty good but I think the legs are a little awkward with the curve because I don’t think a real crocodilian would have curved legs like so in the picture. But the rest is great especially the head. The head is very detailed with eyes, a big jaw, that seems to be in good proportions with the body, and if you look very closely you could actually see nostrils.

Now that was my story about the origami crocodilian. I’m glad I didn’t go off topic like my first one with origami Yoda. So that is the end of origami post number two. Leave comments for what I should show next. Choose which one you want next from the three choices below

These are the choices for the next origami post: werewolf, dragon, or eagle. Choose wisely.

Pep Rallies.

End, come on end, went through my head. “This concludes the pep rally …” Said the principal. YES I’m free finally free. The principal’s voice came back, “I’m sorry someone tripped on the chord. Anyway as I was saying this concludes the pep rallie’s first two minutes”. IT’S BEEN TWELVE HOURS NOT TWO MINUTES. I’m going to go crazy and deaf. “There are still three hours left in the pep rallie”. That was the last thing I heard when … BOOM my head exploded and I died. Ok that might have been an exaggeration but the point is I hate pep rallies.

Let me paint you a picture, you’re on the verge of being deaf and you have to sit there bored and listening to people scream for hours. Yeah, not that great if you ask me. And it’s always about something people don’t care about like the … Sorry, no matter how loud it is I never listen to what they’re saying. Anyway, no one ever cares about what the teachers are talking about but most people just scream and make worse for everyone else.

Which brings me to the three different kinds of people at pep rallies. First let’s start with my least favorite,the screamer, this is basically the guy or girl who doesn’t care about anything but screams at the top of their lungs every twelve seconds. Then there are the enthusiastic people; these are the kids who actually enjoys becoming deaf and bored to death, they also yell but not like the screamers. Last are the ones that are like me and actually sane, these people sit in the corner trying to avoid sound and is waiting for it to end.

You may say “it’s not that bad you get to miss regular class”, well I’m with you on missing class but is it worth giving away your sense of hearing and dying of boredom just for less class, I don’t think so. You may disagree but I personally hate pep rallies.

my top five pokemon

before I talk about my top five pokemon I’d like to say I’m not a hardcore pokemon fan and I don’t know much about the newer games like pokemon X and Y so none of the newer ones are on this list

what why cant I like a useless fish pokemon who’s only attack is splash which does nothing. he is so weak I just like making fun of him. I’m sorry is it wrong to make fun of fictional characters.
long story short he’s a giant red monkey with flaming hair… literally.
squirtle was my first pokemon ever and one of the first ones I’ve ever seen. he’s not only a cute little turtle thing but he shoots water from his mouth that is so fast it knocks most other pokemon out. that’s how that works right.
he just sleeps all day and yet he is a powerful pokemon. which just shows that it’s possible to be a big fat sleeping slob and be useful.
I like absol because why not. he is some kind demon dog or some thing with a giant scythe coming out of his head and predicts disasters.